First Day of School 2013

Here we go, the moment I thought would never come nearly six years ago when Lillie was born. She went off to school this morning, and I'm still in shock. It begins now. She's in school for the next thirteen years and I know that each year will move faster than the one before. I didn't expect to be emotional this morning as we said goodbye, but I was. I couldn't hold back the tears. Lillie was a rock star, as always. She was full of excitement and anticipation, with zero feelings of fear or anxiety (unlike last year where she was full of butterflies). I love that girl.

Quinn will continue to go to his preschool three days a week, but moved up a class to be with his four and five-year-old friends. He was excited for his day too, although he's been attending school all summer. The crazy part is that he'll have another full year of preschool before he can start Kindergarten. In the meantime, I'll cherish every moment with him while he's home.

Lillie was cool, calm, and collected once we got to her new school.

We found her cubby to hang up her backpack. It's almost like having a locker, which she cannot wait to have. Adele tried to sneak into someone's cubby but we caught her. No school for her yet!

Lillie said goodbye to her little sis and Dad with lots of love.

Then she came to give me a hug goodbye, and that's when the water works started. Our little girl isn't so little anymore, and she's off to start her school career.

Once she found her name at the table, she sat down and began her school day. Her first year in Kindergarten. She will be amazing and I can't wait to see how she continues to grow. figure out how to keep her brother and sister from growing up too!

Adele at Two Years

Adele, at two years you:

love to run and try to keep up with the big kids

could spend all your waking hours outside

sleep with your monkey

love to color with markers (we just wish it was on paper instead of your body)

love saying "beee doh, beee doh, beee doh," from Despicable Me 2

wear dresses and say "prrreeettty"

haven't had a haircut yet

take your baby for walks in the stroller

love to take walks in your stroller

can look at books for hours

love your brother and sister like crazy

have all your teeth (finally)

traveled to Florida, Boston, Connecticut, Alaska, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Ireland since your last birthday

love Chuck the truck, Handy Manny, and Dora the Explorer

will only listen to us singing I Will by the Beatles for bedtime

can play the "get me" game where we chase each other and end in a tickle fest (over and over again)

wear boots all day if we let you

love to play dress up

love your thumb when times get tough

are a force to be reckoned with, but also the sweetest thing around. 

Be My Valentine

Conor took Lillie on a date last night, complete with flowers and dinner. They danced the night away at a Daddy/Daughter dance and loved being each other's valentine. Aren't they fancy?

Fancy Hat Show

Lillie's preschool had a Winter Show last week and it was Lillie's first production at school. There's an awesome hat shop right across the street from her school that graciously allowed her class to pick out and borrow their hats for the show. Her teacher did an amazing job at organizing the show. Each student wore their hat and did a little dance of their own choosing on stage. I was amazed at how many of Lillie's classmates knew how to break dance! (They were all so much cooler than I was at this age.)

Lillie and her boyfriend, Alex were the first two to come on stage. Seriously cuteness overload, and I know Lillie was beside herself because she talks about Alex all the time! (We've even had a few drawings come home with "I  Alex" all over them). Our tiny dancer...

Merry Christmas

Time to take a breath. These last few months may have been the busiest we've ever seen, but we can finally slow down. We've traveled to New England and Florida, been to weddings, had birthdays, and visits from family and friends. So much to update on here, but I'll get to it after Christmas. For now, Conor is officially on vacation and we are going to enjoy a peaceful (as much as three young kids can be peaceful?) week together, enjoying each other's company. Merry Christmas to all our friends and family across the world. We'll be thinking of all of you, and sending love and hugs your way.

The Flying Trapeze

This morning we woke up in Florida, hearing the sounds of water from just outside our room. We've been looking forward to this for a long time now and are enjoying a little R&R. 

We first came to this resort 18 months ago, and since that time, Lillie has dreamt of coming back for one reason: when you're four, you get to do the trapeze! This morning, one week before her fifth birthday, her dream came true.

We are very proud parents right now. I might have cried a little to see her do this with such ease, determination, and confidence on her first try.